How To Protect Your Teeth From Hot Drinks Over The Winter

Published: 21 November 2023

Author: Penny Meadow Dental

After a surprisingly warm early autumn, winter has struck with a particularly powerful bite, and because of the stinging cold temperatures, many people are turning to a variety of different ways to keep themselves warm.

However, one of the most popular ways might be causing not only stains on your teeth but also increased sensitivity and even an increased risk of cavities and dental caries.

Whilst the biggest concern for dentists is hot chocolate, given how much sugar is in it, a lot of favourite winter warm-ups have sugar, syrup, honey or caramel in them, all of which contain a lot of sugar that can lead to plaque and cavities.

Therefore, as sweet and tasty as these drinks can be, try to avoid too many sweet hot drinks. One or two a day is typically the upper limit for indulgent hot chocolates in particular or exceptionally sweet coffees.

If you already have sensitive teeth, hot drinks can sometimes trigger discomfort and pain.

Speaking of coffee and tea, both of them can cause discolouration thanks to the tannin in both. These stains will generally go away over time, however.

Ultimately, the best way to protect your teeth alongside moderation is to ensure that your dental routine is on point.

Do not forget to brush your teeth every day, twice a day. Make sure that you leave plenty of time, however, between brushing and drinking a hot drink as it can soften the enamel layer of your teeth. Generally, waiting half an hour is enough to mitigate the effect.

Sugar-free gum, mouthwash or rinsing your mouth with water can help to neutralise the sugary acids and provide extra protection for your mouth, especially if you are out and about. They stimulate the production of saliva, one of the most important barriers for your teeth.

As well as this, book regular checkups to find and treat potential issues quickly.