Top Tips To Protect Your Teeth From Decay This Christmas

Published: 28 November 2023

Author: Penny Meadow Dental

The festive season can bring out so many different emotions, often being a time for closeness, for family and for indulgence. 

However, this latter side of Christmas can be the bane of dentists everywhere, as a lot of sweet treats can be especially bad for your teeth.

With that said, there are ways to enjoy yourself over Christmas and reduce some of the damage that a lot of the nicest treats can cause.


Take A Water Break

Fizzy drinks and wines are often drunk a lot over the festive period, but to avoid the damage that can come from the sheer levels of acidity, drink some water between each top-up. This can help to wash away a lot of the acid before it does a lot of the damage.

It can also help with the hangover the next day, and the teeth-damaging dry mouth that can sometimes happen as a consequence.


Enjoy The Cheese Board

Of the many different festive foods on offer across the Christmas season, arguably the best one for your teeth is the cheese board.

Cheese contains a lot of calcium, but beyond this, it helps to maintain the pH levels of the mouth, which prevents it from becoming too acidic and encouraging the growth of bacteria that can cause tooth decay. It can also stop the stains caused by mulled wine and bottles of red.

Of course, it can’t do everything, so don’t rely on it completely to stop all the attacks on your teeth.


Brush One More Time

Generally, brushing twice a day is the best policy for most people, as it helps to protect the teeth before someone goes to bed and gets the teeth ready to face the day.

During Christmas Day and Boxing Day, in particular, it may be worth brushing your teeth after eating especially sweet and sticky puddings such as mince pies, Christmas cake and puddings, to stop the dried fruit from sticking to your teeth.